RS Models (Rear Sundeck)

The RS models were developed in the early 70s. They had a raised saloon, forward which allowed for an external sundeck behind. They were built as either single steer, or dual steer - with a second steering position on the sundeck. This made them ideal for European waterways where many can still be found today, and where their increased height is less restrictive to navigation options.

RS Bermuda (Dual Steer):

This was based on the 34ft Bermuda hull. The rear superstructure was similar, though with two windows as apposed to one - due to the different layout over the conventional Bermuda. Forward of these the superstructure raised and the side and forward profiles are significantly different to the standard Bermuda due to there being no forward well. More were built than first realised, mainly due to most being abroad.

An RS Bermuda built for the then hirefleet of the Lakeside Hotel complex, Ireland.

Raised forward saloon

Central double cabin

Typical layout:

RS Bahama (Dual Steer):

This was based on the 42ft Bermuda hull, but had the raised forward superstructure and second, external helm on the sundeck. The pictures here are of an example built for a private owner, with window arrangement and layout to suit them.

Above & Left: “Wandering Winnie”, a 42ft Bermuda RS (Dual steer) built for a private owner was the height of luxury at the time

RS Bermuda & Bahama (Single steer):

These were built along the same lines as the models above, but without the second, external helm. The standard layouts were also different, and as well as being immediately

Recognisable by their single steer the window edges were normally square rather than rounded and these models also had a forward well. The Bahama was built with the layout of the Caribbean Major, offering spacious 6/7 berths, and a few ran on hire from Horning for a few years. These later found their way to France, and many others built for other countries, again where their increased height were less restricting and their sundecks were more beneficial!

Above: The Caribbean Super Six was based on the RS Bermuda single steer

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Below: Typical Bermuda RS (single Steer) layout:

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