Above: The ‘official’ front view of the bungalow. This was built by Frank Wilds, a builder by trade, and to his design to be reminiscent of spanish villa.

The views below are what is often considered the front - the riverside view, though strictly speaking this is the back of the bungalow.

Sadly the passing of time has not been kind to the bungalow. It has not been habitable since around the mid 1990s and has since fallen into rack & ruin. The photos below are thought to be from the late 90s and show the area badly flooded. In the years since these photos were taken the front of the bungalow and the pathway to it became pretty much invisible as nature started to reclaim the area, although the riverside/back of the bungalow remained more visible. In recent times a bit of clearing has gone on but the bungalow is now a shadow of its former self.

Below left, the back of the bungalow taken in June 2006. Below right the front of the bungalow taken in October 2009. The Cortina is still just about visible and doesn’t look to have moved since the photo above.